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Jean-Paul Sartre and Morality


Jean-Paul Sartre and Morality: A Legacy Under Attack
Jean-Paul Sartre was a controversial figure in modern-day literature. Critics argue that Sartre does not have an ethical dimension in his writings. This book argues to the contrary. There is more to Sartrean philosophy than most people realize. There is more to Sartrean ethics than most people would admit. This book does not refute the notion that most of Sartre’s works are imperfect. But it offers a unique approach in the debate. There is no consensus in the debate. Views are unclear about Sartrean ethics. The book explores the nature of Sartrean ethics. It reflects on important facets of the debate. The text revisits publications that support the notion that Sartre played an important role in ethics. If you would like to uncover Jean-Paul Sartre from a unique perspective, this work is perfect for you.

Ben Wood Johnson

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