cogito ergo phil

Cogito, Ergo Philosophusm


Cogito, Ergo Philosophus: I Think, Therefore I Philosophize
There is a link between human thinking and human survival. To explain that correlation as persuasively as possible, I proclaim Cogito, Ergo Philosophus (I think, therefore I philosophize). As a living being, I am always in charge of my Beingness; at least I think I am. But I could not make the irreconcilable argument that I am free to be however I want to be. I could not be whenever or wherever I would like to be. I must recognize the limits of my Beingness. This is the only way I could survive beyond serendipity. The Cogito allows me to perceive the world for what it is and not how others project it to me. The Cogito is the essence of my Beingness in my world. I base this book on a series of essays about human existence. It provides valuable insights about some of the most salient questions that mark the literature. The primary focus is on a person’s ability to think and that individual’s capacity to find the means to survive.

Ben Wood Johnson

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