Dr. Jay, an esteemed philosopher, distinguished educator, and accomplished author, hails from the United States. As an educator, he is dedicated to enlightening students in various fields. Dr. Jay boasts an impressive background in law enforcement, having retired from a rewarding career as a police officer. During his service, he gained extensive experience in diverse roles such as a diplomatic security officer, a member of the anti-riot police and SWAT teams, a CAT team leader, special agent, and close protection.

Dr. Jay holds an impressive academic record, with a broad range of qualifications under his belt. He completed his undergraduate studies in Criminal Justice, followed by three master’s degrees, one in Criminal Justice, one in Political Science, and another in Public Administration. Dr. Jay furthered his academic pursuits by achieving a Doctorate in Ed. Admin. Other education includes law school, medical school, and the police academy.

Dr. Jay has a broad range of academic interests, including philosophy, criminology/criminal justice, law, ethics, and leadership. He has carried out research on a variety of contemporary issues, including the impact of information technology, bullying, particularly in the online sphere, and law enforcement practices. His research interests extend to juvenile justice, the intersection of race and crime, public policy, and international law. Some of his notable works include analysis of Sartrean Ethics, School Policy, the Vietnam War, Natural Law, and Russian Politics in the international law context.

As a keen observer of the human condition, Dr. Jay’s most recent books offer profound insights into human experiences and the application of the rule of law within the global framework. He hosts ‘The Ben Wood Johnson Podcast’, a bi-weekly podcast in which he shares thought-provoking discussions and expert analyses. Recent episodes are available on AppleGoogle playStitcher, and Spotify. Check out Dr. Jay’s official blog. Dr. Jay enjoys poetry, painting, and music. Find Dr. Jay’s music on his artist website (Rudymizik).

Ben Wood Johnson

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